Why We Chose Polished Concrete For Our Floor

Polished concrete floors, long consigned to industrial areas and finished basements, produce well deserved inroads into residential homes. The latest developments in the capability to seal and stain concrete have raised the visual appeal of its, allowing it to participate with some other stone flooring , for example marble, granite and also slate, at a portion of the price. Polished concrete flooring has a slew of advantages to home builders & renovators. We used the professionals at concrete polishing Abbotsford for creating the latest  floors of polished concrete and exposing the concrete floors of our current house.

All those most considering developing eco sustainable homes were among the very first to adopt polished concrete floors, and with valid reason. Sealed concrete has an incredibly low environmental impact. In case the house of yours, like many, is built upon a current concrete slab, merely sanding and sealing the concrete removes the necessity for extra eco pricy flooring materials. Additionally, the elements utilized to sand and complete a concrete floor are incredibly small in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), that pollute the planet and also reduce indoor air quality, that may have negative health consequences. The elements used-to seal concrete floors don’t have any long lasting odour. (more…)

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